New balance m5740 series jogging shoes “light Khaki black green”缩略图

New balance m5740 series jogging shoes “light Khaki black green”

Real shooting of new products] ? Upgraded version # men’s and women’s shoes real standard half size system # upgraded original last base paper version development version # pig Ba leather splicing breathable mesh upper material # midsole high elastic EVA foam material # external rubber big tooth anti-skid rubber outsole ❗ Showing the retro style of the 1990s ❗ Equipped with Cordura / DuPont high-performance outdoor materials, Nb new balance m5740 series retro daddy leisure sports jogging shoe “light Khaki black green” m5740cd1
Size: 36 37 37.5 38.5 39 40.5 41.5 42.5 43 44 45
Bar code: 3304328000 (sample 12 / 27!)
The design of this shoe is based on the classic 574 shoe shape of new balance. The iconic “n” logo on the side of the shoe is deliberately exaggerated and enlarged, which has also become a highlight in the design of this shoe. The shoe body is made of a variety of colorful colors and equipped with a “deformed” outsole to highlight the retro style of the 1990s. New balance 57 / 40 inherits the DNA of new balance brand, reinterprets the shoe-making aesthetics of different times with avant-garde ideas, and ignites the trend of retro sports for fashion lovers in the warming spring. The smooth wave design is inspired by the sports shoe 650 of the 1990s, which not only retains the gene of the classic new balance shoes, but also outlines the fashionable and avant-garde outline with supple lines; The enlarged n-shaped logo is adopted on the side of the shoe, which has more modern visual tension; The sole design made by stacking two midsole is a bold expression of contemporary aesthetics. The upper part is inspired by the classic wave design in the 1990s, and the widened off-road outsole in the lower part is the highlight of the classic 5-series design language. At the same time, new balance has also launched a series of women’s exclusive clothes full of summer flavor, and the jumping colors set off the beauty and vitality of women.New balance m5740 series jogging shoes “light Khaki black green”插图New balance m5740 series jogging shoes “light Khaki black green”插图1New balance m5740 series jogging shoes “light Khaki black green”插图2

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